Jane has been an inspiration to my 9 year old daughter.  She began lessons at the age of 7 and with Jane's encouragement and understanding is now very enthusiastic about playing piano, even willingly and confidently playing in a concert this year!  Jane teaches with a gentle, fun yet challenging tailor-made approach, and has built a lovely rapport with Lisa which enables her to get the most out of her lessons, including lots of giggles!   You are amazing Jane!

Rachael (Parent)

Jane’s teaching style is structured and fun. Her approach and patience towards us older beginners is greatly appreciated.  I have enjoyed learning modern pieces and am gaining confidence each week.  Jane has been flexible in accommodating a time-table that works for me and my Daughter.             

Jon  (Parent)

I have 2 children with Jane. Both have made excellent progress in piano playing, music literacy and the ability to perform to an audience. She is an excellent teacher and mentor.

Tracy (Parent)

Our son is completely blind and we were apprehensive about him being able to learn to play. We were verywrong from the 1st lesson with Jane, he has amazed us all with how well and quickly he is leaning to play. Jane is very patient and lessons are planned very well to suit our sons needs.

Nick (Parent)

Jane has been working with the Merchants' Academy Music Department for years. She is a dedicated professional who always has the best interests of the students at heart; this is apparent throughout her teaching and conduct at the school. Not only this but Jane also ensures that all her students make great progress in her sessions, her calm and engaging demeanour mean that students are motivated to want to progress. It is a pleasure working with Jane: she is professional; embraces current teaching ideas and technology; and has shown a dedication to achievement sometimes lacking in peripatetic staff. I would heartily recommend her to anyone thinking of undertaking lessons from beginner to more advanced player.                                               

Thomas Hamill  (Head of Performing Arts and Music - Merchants Academy)

Jane's teaching of our Lynx students has been fantastic! Lynx is a 20 place provision based at BEC for students with physical impairments and difficulties speech and language. Jane teaches all of the students weekly  as a group. She shows great empathy and understanding of each of our students and their needs and she ensures that they all participate.   When I spoke to some of the students they said this about Jane:
         “She’s a really fun lady and she teaches us how to sing.” 
         “I didn’t want to do it at first but now I like singing, I enjoy her lessons.” 
          “I wish we did it more.” 

Jane has been an invaluable member of the Lynx staff and she has opened up a world of music and performance that our students otherwise would have missed out on. 

Audrey Bennett (Assistant Director of Lynx)