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Fulfil that dream of learning to play the piano

Online and Face to Face Lessons

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Piano Lessons Bristol

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Learn to play face to face.

Piano Lessons

Teaching the piano is a lifetime achievement for me and having struggled for many years with my own performance anxiety, I am passionate about building self-esteem and confidence in students of all ages.    So, my first priority, is always that lessons have to be fun!!

Lessons are tailored to suit your style of learning and incorporate theory, technique, improvisation and composition and I’ve supported many students from beginners through to taking exams and developing performance skills. 

I am passionate about embedding musicianship in terms of transferable skills, analysing chord progressions or developing different styles.

Lessons are warm and welcoming and you can opt for either online lessons or face to face lessons at my Piano Studio, in Staple Hill, Bristol.

                                   £19.00  for 30 minutes

                                   £36.00 for 60 minutes

Contact me now for further information and to book a lesson.

Online Lessons

Learn to play from the comfort of your home.

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Piano Lessons Bristol

Online Quality


Online Lessons can be a great alternative when face to face lessons are not an option.

Online lessons have been very successful, during the lockdown and I have supported many students through their Exams, all totally learnt through online lessons.

With the use of cameras and computer software, you can access quality lessons in the comfort of your own home.

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